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Finally get your marketing right and re-ignite your business

A proven framework for building a profitable message.

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Is your marketing working?

You love your business and you believe in your products and services. You could talk about them all day long! You’ve already grown your business and you know your product or service is something people not only need but really appreciate.

The only problem is, the things you did to get to this stage of your business are not working anymore. You know you’re ready to grow but you just don’t know the right approach for this stage of your business. And with the vast amount of marketing options and information out there, you’re just getting more confused and frustrated.

We get it!

Our BMSU Marketing Masterclass was built with you in mind.

We will help you get your sales funnel done (and, actually launched!) in just 8 weeks.

After this masterclass, you’ll have:

A brand story that really connects with people

A one-liner that hits your message home quickly for a great first impression

A home page layout that works (you’re seeing one in action right now!)

A lead generator that will get people interested in your products and services

A 5 part email series to build a strong connection to your audience

The right sales copy so they actually buy from you – and you’ll know when and how to send it so it doesn’t feel sleazy

Best of all? You’ll be working on it with other business owners like you who will be there to cheer you on and share valuable insights with you

And of course you’ll have full access to two seasoned StoryBrand marketing experts with coaching experience to guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re on the right track( and not wasting any time!)

How to Start Growing Your Business on Purpose:

1. Join the Masterclass

What more could you ask for than hands-on coaching from two marketing experts with coaching experience for 8 whole weeks? PLUS Access to Business Made Simple University for one whole year!


2. Work the Modules

We meet for a Kick Off Call on August 31 and set a time for your 1:1 Brand Script Review Coaching Call. We work through one module of the course every week, giving you personalized feedback as you go.


3. Launch and Grow

You’ll have the confidence you need to put your updated marketing plan and sales funnel to work by the end of the masterclass. You’ll know how to talk about your business, and can use the tools and skills for years to come! 

You need this Masterclass if…

  • You have an existing business that’s ready to grow
  • You want a website that converts leads to customers
  • You want people to connect with your business
  • You have ever spent hours to send one marketing email that no one even responded to
  • You want more repeat customers
  • You want to be able to easily tell people what you do and how you can help them
  • You want a proven formula for marketing success.
  • You’ve heard about Storybrand and are excited to see what it can do for your business!

Register for the free webinar:

The StoryBrand Marketing Checklist


You’ve been dying to figure out how to get your marketing right so that you can start taking your business to the next level.

This Masterclass is everything you need to build a sales funnel that works to grow your business.

This is how you get it done in just 8 weeks!

What’s Inside the BMSU Marketing Roadmap?

This roadmap is the first step to a solid marketing foundation. It’s a 5-part sales funnel that can launch or grow your business.

Module 1: One Liner

You’ll create a One-Liner that sums up your core brand message in a way that helps people understand what you do and how you can help them immediately.

Module 2: Home Page

You’ll create a home page for your website that converts. You’ll learn what information belongs on your website, and how to invite your customers into a story, ensuring everything fits together so your customers take action.


Module 3:  Lead Generator

You’ll create a Lead Generator to attract customers into your story. This piece of marketing is generally a pdf download potential customers can get in exchange for their email address.

+ VIP Option: Once you’ve written it, we can design it for you!

Module 4:  Email Marketing

You’ll learn how to put together a 5-part email nurture campaign. This type of campaign connects you with your ideal customers and will ultimately be your key connection point with potential customers.


Module 5: Sales Funnel

You’ll create a sales email funnel that will take your potential customers from leads to fans

Bonus: Tools & Resources

How do you build a simple website? How do you design a lead generator? We’ll share insider tips on how to build a funnel you can be proud of no matter your skill level.

And this is how we bring it to life in the masterclass:

  • 8 Group 1-hour calls to ask questions, refine your work, share insights and learn best practices from your Guides as we move through the online modules and program together.
  • A 1:1 Brand Script Refining call – Getting your message just right can be hard. That’s why we will dedicate a full hour of work with you one on one to make sure you have the solid foundation you need for the rest of your marketing.
  • PLUS private Facebook Group access for the duration of the program.

Want to hear some success stories?

A consulting company was getting 10-20% open rates for their monthly emails. We used the Storybrand Framework to redesign their website and sales funnel. They started seeing 40-60% open rates and have a steady stream of inquiries.

A construction company client tripled their business after we updated the website, sales emails, sales materials, and created messaging and a marketing funnel that actually works!


“Laura made the whole StoryBrand process easy and clear. I thought I had enough information through the Building a StoryBrand book, but Laura helped me to realize that I could make my messaging even more specific. I’m now proud of my website and can’t wait to use these practices in other projects.”

“Laura helped our team focus our Story Brand framework on our customer. She kept us on track with the process and provided great refinements and insights. She also clarified how to apply the framework to our individual business and unique customer acquisition process.”


What’s the investment?

If you were to hire us to create everything you will be creating in this Masterclass, it would cost you at least $12,800.

Messaging Framework + One Liner    $2,000

Home Page Website Copy     $2,500

Home Page Website Design     $3,500

Sales Letter    $1,800

5 Sales Emails    $3,000

TOTAL:  $12,800

Zoom Call Toast

Or, for one payment of $2,275 (or $400 per week for 6 weeks), the marketing help your business deserves is within your reach!

Who are we, anyway?



We’re Laura Phaladi and Nathalie Pincham, Certified Storybrand Guides who help businesses communicate clearly. We both coach the StoryBrand Workshops so we know how much difference getting the right support makes. We’ve worked with many different business types of all sizes over the years, and we know one thing is the same for all of them: If you don’t have a clear brand message you will lose sales. But it doesn’t have to be this way!  

We’re hosting this guided BMSU Marketing Masterclass so you can confidently speak about the products and services you offer to transform your customers’ lives, and actually create the marketing materials you need to grow your business effectively.

Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ll be available to you throughout the 8 weeks to help you get unstuck and cheer you on, together with the other business owners in the group!

We know you can do this! 

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